About Me

alice-maisie.pngMy name is Alice and I am on a journey.

This past year has been one huge adventure after the next. It has been exciting, exhausting and very emotional.

Only recently have I realised I have lost my way a bit. Not in a bad way and not in a big way. Just enough to inspire me to sit down, take a breath and reconsider my personal values, my lifestyle and how I want to spend my time.

After 10 days of being trapped at home feeling sick and rundown, I suddenly have an energy kick. A fire to revive my blog, to declutter my life and to get back to doing things that I want to do in my personal time.

I am on a journey to minimalism. I am on a journey to clear out my wardrobe and rekindle my love for natural fibres and slow fashion. I am on a journey to be more environmentally aware and more independent.

Join me on the ride. It could be fun.