Simplify Your Life in 30 Days

Simplify your life challenge: Day 16

Simplify your life: Day 16 - Digital space

This is my journey through the 30 Day Simplify Your Life challenge. If you would like to join in, you can get the ebook here and follow along.

The official Youtube video for “Declutter Your Digital Space” week, by muchelleb.

I am working through the challenge in an order that suits me best, instead of directly following the set challenge order. Feel free to do the same!

Day 16: Declutter your digital space

Simplify your life: Day 16 - Digital Space

Day 16 in the official challenge is actually ‘Find a place for everything’ but I am holding off on that one since I will be moving house in a month. So today we are taking a step back from the mental decluttering and going for challenge day 7: Decluttering your digital space.

I know, we’re jumping back a long way here. But decluttering the digital space was a slow process that I took (and am still taking) in stages, not really following the specific guide from Michelle.

The first thing I did was reorganise my work laptop ready for the new year. I deleted everything in my downloads folder and my trash, organised documents more neatly into folders and cleared my email inbox. Since most of our work documents are online, this sorting process didn’t take too long. Once I finished clearing, I did all the dreaded updates that I had put off for far too long. Finally got dark mode. I have no regrets.

The next thing I did was organise my phone. This also didn’t take long because I don’t really keep many apps. So mostly my phone organisation involved clearing out my notes that had built up over the last few months. I think I deleted an app as well, but there wasn’t really too much to do.

Finally we came to the hardest part. My personal laptop. I still haven’t finished this yet. Like my work laptop, the first thing I did was delete everything in my downloads and trash. I organised my documents into neater files but I haven’t been able to clear out as much as I would like. I have been wanting to buy an external hard drive for two years now but every time I think I have enough spare cash to do so, something else appears that is more pressing. It’s an ongoing and increasingly desperate battle that I really hope to win once I am married and stop getting hit with unexpected wedding expenses. Once I get the hard drive, I will finally be able to clear my laptop of old school and uni documents that date back to 2014.

The other ongoing battle I have is photos. Photos are a nightmare. I have photos for days and only about 20% of them are worth keeping. So whenever I get a spare moment, I try and sort through them some more. The problem is, photos are one of those things that come in faster than you can delete them. Even putting aside about 5 hours for this challenge, I still haven’t had the opportunity to clear out the photos completely. But I hope I will get there, once again, after the wedding is all done. I’ll let you know how I go.

So look. Probably not much of a successful challenge week for me. There are a lot of things I still need to do before I am happy with my digital space. But one day I will get there.

Have a happy day and be sure to delete some photos.

~ Alice Maisie

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