Simplify Your Life in 30 Days

Simplify your life challenge: Day 14

Day 14: Simplify your life - show gratitude

This is my journey through the 30 Day Simplify Your Life challenge. If you would like to join in, you can get the ebook here and follow along.

The official Youtube video for “Show gratitude” week, by muchelleb.

I am working through the challenge in an order that suits me best, instead of directly following the set challenge order. Feel free to do the same!

Day 14: Show Gratitude

Day 14: Simplify your life challenge - show gratitude

Day 14 in the official challenge is actually ‘Sentimental Items’ but I haven’t done this yet. So today we are covering what is officially Day 22 of the challenge: “Show Gratitude”. This is a continuation of the mental decluttering phase of the challenge.

This was a really nice, simple little challenge which was a particular relief after last week’s efforts.

The first step was to write a list of 25 things that you are grateful for and these things had to be both specific and different (you couldn’t write variations of the same thing).

I found this very easy because at the moment, I just have a lot to be grateful for. Here is a handful of the things I came up with:

  1. Walks through the rain on my way to work and when it rains as I am going to bed.
  2. That Myles and I have actually followed through on my dream of learning Salsa together and are having so much fun with it.
  3. That the hardest part of wedding prep is done and life isn’t so stressful anymore.
  4. That I started sorting through and reducing my stuff so early so I won’t have to worry about sorting so much right before the wedding, when I will be moving out.
  5. For having the opportunity to go on an overseas holiday with the parents.

I had a very broad list of things I am grateful for, from things related specifically to work to things related to my wedding and other aspects of my private life. Along the way, I found myself listing off a few things that I had never really considered in my moments of grateful reflection. It’s always nice to have something new to be grateful for.

The next step in the challenge was to write down ways you can practise gratitude more often.

This was difficult for me because I already make a conscious effort every day to show gratitude. But I suppose it is always good to have a reminder. My two favourite things to do to show gratitude are to show outward gratitude to people (I say thank you and give affirmations to different people many times a day; something I learned from my Dad) and to pause and think about all the reasons I have to be grateful. That second one sounds a bit doubtful, I know. But as someone who practises mindfulness and living in the moment because she doesn’t want life to pass her by while she’s scrolling Facebook, it is easy to get caught up appreciating what is actually happening around me and think to myself ‘that’s pretty great’. It’s not as unlikely a practice as it may seem.

And that’s it. Only a short challenge today but just as important (if not more-so) than the others.

The next challenge I will be looking at will also be short and a bit of fun because I will be looking at defining my personal style and you will get to have a peek into my style Pinterest board. So if reflecting isn’t your thing, maybe you will enjoy the next update a little bit more.

Smile and be grateful,

~ Alice Maisie

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