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12 Best Plants for Growing Indoors

Best indoor plants for your home

Until recently, plants were something I was never particularly good at. The concept of plant care was entirely beyond me and watering was something I rarely remembered to do.

But then my fiance bought me a bonsai. There was something about this tiny tree that ignited a love of plants and a motherly instinct in me to care for the tiny life in my hands.

This feeling is so wonderfully summed up in this quote by The Bonsai Man:

“Ultimately, Bonsai is not about shaping and growing trees, it is a medium used to practice the art of caring about something unselfishly all of your life, to give to the next generation. We must all become custodians of the planet, for the art to continue and have meaning”. – Roger Lunt

Since then, I have come to love plants and find myself wanting to introduce more indoor plants into my house. So I thought I would share with you some of the best indoor plants that I would like to introduce into my home, maybe to give you some inspiration or guidance for indoor plant care.

Indoor foliage

My favourite kind of plant is one with lots of greenery so I often find myself leaning towards the ‘foliage’ variety of indoor plants.

Devil’s Ivy

Indoor Plant: Devil's Ivy

Devil’s ivy is my favourite. It drapes beautifully and it is incredibly hardy. It will grow just about anywhere and will thrive in just a jug of water. If you want a bit of a jungle look in your home, this is the best plant for you. But it is toxic to pets so keep that in mind.

Rubber Plant

Indoor Rubber Plant

As far as small indoor plants go, the rubber plant is the cutest! But they look great bigger too. Put the plant in a spot where they will benefit from both full sun and partial shade throughout the day and be sure to keep the plant damp, particularly on hot days.

Philodendron and Monstera

Indoor Plant: Philodendron

These two plants are similar in terms of appearance and care requirements. My personal favourite is the Monstera, for the cute little holes in their leaves but both offer a beautiful broad leaf, strong green tropical feel for your indoor space. Both enjoy a well lit room away from direct sunlight and require water when you can see the top layer of soil is dry.

Zebra Plant

Indoor Plant: Zebra Plant

These are a really sweet little plants because of their big striped leaves and the little yellow and orange flowers that will sometimes bloom. Like the previous plants, zebra plants also like brightly lit areas, away from direct sunlight, but they will need watering a bit more regularly.

Mother-In-Law’s Tongue/Snake Plant

Indoor Plant: Snake Plant / Mother-In-Law's Tongue

These also like a well lit area of the home, away from direct sunlight. They like dry soil so you only need to water about once a month. But be careful, they are toxic to dogs and cats.


Indoor Plant: Dracaena

Following the trend, these plants also love a brightly lit room, away from direct sun. These plants are easy to over-water so make sure you have good drainage and only keep the soil moist, not wet. Also toxic to dogs and cats.

Indoor grass

Indoor grass is one of my most favourite things. I love the look, I love the feel and a small pot of grass never fails to make me smile. You can imagine my pure excitement when I discovered some grass species that will live indoors.

Rye and Wheat Grasses

Indoor Grass: Wheatgrass

Wheatgrass and Ryegrass are the best types of indoor grass because they do not need a lot of light and they look great! But they do need to be kept in a warm area with good moisture and circulation. One day I hope to have little pots of these grasses all through my house. They are the sweetest.

Other grasses can grow well in your home, as long as they are given the appropriate amount of light and are kept at the appropriate temperature. Each grass is different so be sure to double check the requirements before you commit to a particular grass.

Indoor flowers

As much as I love foliage and greenery, sometimes it is nice to have some flowers around the house. So here is a selection of some of my favourite indoor flowers.

Peace Lily

Indoor Flowers: Peace Lily

These guys tolerate low light and low humidity which makes them great plants for growing indoors. However, they are toxic for children and pets.


Indoor Flowers: Jasmine

Jasmine is beautiful and smells incredible when it blooms. All you need is some good sunlight and consistent moisture and it will stay beautiful.

Calamondin Orange

Indoor Plant: Calamondin

I discovered a bonsai version of the calamondin orange and my gosh, my heart melted. It is the cutest thing. The best thing about this little guy is that you can eat the fruit (which is a cross between the mandarin orange and kumquat). These are a bit harder to grow indoors because the love lots of bright light so make sure you have a place in your house to make it happy before you get your hopes up about the tiny fruits.

Rieger Begonia

Indoor Flowers: Rieger Begonia

These are reasonably easy to grow indoors, requiring moderate to good light and moist soil. They bloom a variety of warm colours and have strong green leaves.

African Violet

Indoor Flowers: African Violet

This little guy thrives in bright light and will bloom almost constantly in the right conditions. He likes moist soil and medium to bright light. It is also easy to propagate  from leaves.

So there we go! Those are some of my favourite indoor plants and some that I am most excited about growing in my house. I am particularly keen for the devil’s ivy, grass and the jasmine. As a general rule, if you are wanting to grow plants indoors, check their light requirements, water needs and air needs. If they need particularly humid air and you have a constantly air conditioned house, that plant isn’t for you. If they need water but good drainage, you’ll need to get an indoor plant stand that will catch the water as it drains. Above all,

Happy planting!

~ Alice Maisie

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