The Ultimate Minimalist Christmas Gift Guide

Gift ideas for a minimalist

It’s that time of year again. We are now just 12 days away from Christmas and the last minute rush for Christmas gifts is upon us.

If you have a minimalist partner, family member or friend, you may be starting to feel a bit desperate. Buying a gift for someone who doesn’t like stuff can be tough.

My key tip for finding the best minimalist gift is to think about this:

Why become a minimalist? What is the reason that drove your loved one to take on the minimalist lifestyle?

Once you know that, you will have the key to the perfect minimalist Christmas gift.

So here are some of the most popular reasons for becoming a minimalist and some gift ideas for each.

The Environmentally Conscious Minimalist

This kind of minimalist wants to reduce their environmental footprint, purchase only natural and reusable goods and support smaller, environmentally conscious businesses.

Think about these things:

  • Would they rather purchase from the markets than a shopping centre? Particularly with regards to food or clothing items?
  • Do they have their own vegetable or herb garden?
  • Are they freshly minimalist or environmentally conscious and looking for eco-friendly replacements for common household items?
Environmental Minimalist Gift Ideas
Photo by: Dane Deaner

For the environmentally conscious minimalist, I would recommend:

  • Plants: particularly the outdoor variety, that will continue to grow and bring life to the garden for years to come. Vegetables, herbs and fruits will also always be welcome.
  • Gardening tools or accessories: consider an apron, gardening gloves or secateurs. These are great gifts for a gardener and a minimalist because they are functional and enable the green thumb.
  • Reusable shopping bags: handy as heck, very functional and can be one of the easiest ways to reduce plastic waste. I would recommend hessian and bamboo shopping bags.
  • A morning at the markets: Take them for a coffee at their favourite local market. Buy their weekly groceries and maybe throw in some fancy meat or cheese. Markets are a haven for fresh produce and high quality meat and dairy products. It may sound like a strange present but I guarantee many environmentally conscious minimalists would find this incredibly special.
  • If you are getting desperate, you can’t go wrong with a succulent
Photo by Milada Vigerova


The Mindful Minimalist

Mindful minimalism is the practice of being aware of how your decisions affect you, your personal environment and the world around you. This is the practice of thinking before you buy and making sure you understand the true impact of your existence, lifestyle and habits.

Think about these things:

  • Do they engage in mindful practices such as yoga, meditation or being present in the moment?
  • Do they like immersing themselves in information about mindfulness?
  • Do they like taking time for themselves, to reconnect, relax and rejuvenate after a busy week?
  • Do they like reading or drawing as a way to relax
Photo By: Thought Catalog

For the mindful minimalist I would recommend:

  • An audiobook subscription, to help them access resources on mindfulness and minimalism. Or, if they are not opposed to having books in the house, a hard copy is always nice
  • Do a yoga class or meditation session with them.
  • Organise a day out doing what makes them feel connected and refreshed. Mindful people love to spend quality time with the people they love. They will love nothing more than to share a day out with you and they will appreciate the effort you put into doing something that they love.
  • Create a movie night kit or a pamper kit that you can do together. For a movie night kit, include snacks, some movies, blankets if it’s cold and maybe even your favourite face mask. For the pamper kit, be sure to choose things that your loved one will use. No harsh chemicals if they like natural products. No face masks or fake nails if you know they are not into that.
Photo By: Ivana Cajina

The Organised Minimalist

These types of minimalists are a little bit different. These are the people who like to feel in control of their environment and are most at ease when everything is spotless. The less stuff you have to cause potential mess in the house, the better. I have noticed that men will often fall under this category of minimalist so if these characteristics sound like your minimalist husband or any other minimalist man in your life, this one may be for you.

Think about these things:

  • Do they live a very organised life? This reveals itself in different ways. Maybe they treat their planner like a bible. Maybe they have a very structured house and nothing is ever out of place.
  • Do they like to spend their money on functional furnishings that improve storage or present household items in a more neat way?
  • Are they interested in ergonomic furniture, industrial design and/or high quality leather stationery and accessories?
  • Do they simply prefer to keep their environment as simple as possible, to avoid unnecessary hassle?
  • Do they minimise their furniture to simplify house cleaning?
Photo By: Lauren Mancke

For the organised minimalist I would recommend:

  • Storage: do they need a new wallet? Have they been eyeing off some kind of document folder? I’m not talking about plastic-box storage. I am talking about beautifully designed, high quality goods that will help keep your valuable items in one, organised place.
  • A course: often people with these characteristics like to learn and challenge themselves. Maybe they are into economics or art history. Maybe they like tech, graphic design or photography. Buy them a course if you know what they love or simply pay for a subscription to an online course service such as Skillshare, Udemy or Coursera and watch them get excited about being empowered with knowledge.
  • Recipes: These kinds of people are usually methodical and like to follow recipes or at least have some kind of specific meal in mind before they start cooking. None of this ‘just throw it together and see what happens’. Give them some recipes that you think they will love and maybe take the time to cook one with them.
  • Books or a subscription to an audiobook service: This could be a bit simpler than investing in a course and will still empower your loved one with the gift of knowledge.
Photo By: Grovemade

The Nomadic Minimalist

Some of the most interesting minimalists, these people live a nomadic kind of lifestyle. They live simply at home and save up for adventures they will remember forever. On the less extreme end, they may simply like smaller adventures such as rock climbing, taking obscure classes such as pottery or jewellery making and more generally speaking, trying new things for the sake of trying new things.

Think about these things:

  • Does this person spend their weekends exploring or doing new things?
  • Does this person love meeting new people?
  • Does this person have a hobby that gets them out of the house in some way? This could include photography or hiking.
  • Is this person spontaneous?
Photo By: Simone Rae

For the nomadic minimalist, I would recommend:

  • Travel items that they may need: but be careful not to buy them something they already have!
  • An experience. Sky diving, hot air ballooning or gliding could be right up their on the bucket list of the nomadic minimalist.
  • Classes: often these people will be up for anything. Take them to a pottery or cooking class, get into some woodworking or floral arranging. Anything that will give them good memories, an interesting story and a good laugh will be a great gift.
  • Tickets: Get creative here. Tickets for an interesting art exhibition or an exciting festival. These guys aren’t restricted to just football games and pop concerts so take the chance to get creative and think of something a bit different.
  • Take them to a new restaurant with exciting or exotic foods.
  • Seasonal adventures such as fruit picking is always a cute, simple idea.
Photo By: Kylie Paz


So there you go. Those are my tips for buying the perfect minimalist Christmas gift.

I hope this will give you plenty of minimalist Christmas gift ideas for whatever kind of minimalist is in your life.

Good luck and Merry Christmas!

~ Alice Maisie

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