Simplify Your Life in 30 Days

Simplify your life challenge: Day 6

Day 6: Simplify Your Life - kitchen and decor

This is my journey through the 30 Day Simplify Your Life challenge. If you would like to join in, you can get the ebook here and follow along.


The official Youtube video for Kitchen week, by muchelleb.
The official Youtube video for Decor week, by muchelleb.

I am working through the challenge in an order that suits me best, instead of directly following the set challenge order. Feel free to do the same!

Day 6: Kitchen and Decor

Day 6: Simplify your life - kitchen and decor

Day 6 in the official challenge is actually ‘electronics’ but I’ll cover that next week. Today we are covering what is officially Days 9 and 12 of the challenge: Kitchen and Decor.

I combined these two weeks for a simple reason: I live with my parents so I don’t own much kitchen or decor stuff to begin with. For this same reason I will be skipping right on over linen week because I only own absolutely necessary linen items.

This was an interesting week for me. Having recently had my engagement party, my homeware and kitchen items multiplied very quickly to become quite a substantial collection, thanks to the generous gifts of our friends and family. Everything we received as a gift was kept because our friends and family are very generous gift givers and everything we received was something we loved and would need for the new house. So even though I did have a reasonable collection of homewares that I could have gone through, I restricted myself to the kitchen and decor items that I had owned prior to the engagement party.

My ‘kitchen’ collection included 5 mugs, a set of ramekins and a tea towel. Of these, only the tea towel and two mugs remain in my collection.

As for decor, I have a strange, mismatched collection of items that I have gathered over the years. I don’t like the idea of ‘decor for decor’s sake’ so I don’t have all that much. I have one Christmas decoration, 4 candles, a photo frame that I received as a gift in grade 2, a small collection of art, and a selection of glass bottles that I have recycled to be used as vases. I got rid of 2 of the candles, the photo frame and about half of the glass bottles because one person does not need eight tiny vases.

And that was it for this week’s clear out. Simple, quick and ultimately, not particularly exciting.

Unfortunately, I simply did not have that much to clear out to begin with (although, I suppose that’s not really a bad thing). I also have still not rid myself of the things that I do want to clear out because I can’t decide on the best way to clear some of these items. They aren’t easy to sell but I also don’t want to just donate them because they are fairly obscure items for a charity shop. If anyone has a suggestion, please let me know.

So that was it for my kitchen and decor week. I’m feeling good about the things that I have left in my collection although I’m not entirely sure if my remaining artwork will ever be hung once I move out. Some of that may need to go too, but I suppose we shall see.

It’s nice being able to sort through all of these things knowing that the house items that remain are primarily gifts from people I love and things that I will use all the time. I never wanted to fill my life with trinkets and so far I have been pretty successful, but it was nice to get rid of some of the build up from years gone by.

See you next week to go through my electronics!

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